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Our first year in business. We came up with the name and bought our domain in late 2004, but it took a few months to get started. "Metairie. It's Safe Here" and "So Far Behind, We're Ahead" were the first two shirts we designed. "Be A New Orleanian" was made while Blake was displaced after Katrina in Lafayette. 3,000,000 free stickers later, the shirt still sells all over the country.


This was the year we had our first fashion show at the Republic and started planning to open our first store. We also got political for the first time. We made our "C Ray Not Lately" shirt and gave them away for free to folks marching on City Hall. We created a shirt in support of Kermit Ruffins to replace Ray Nagin should he resign.


Our third year in business was a busy one. Our store had a steady flow of wonderful customers, we had another fashion show, this time at Tipitina's, and we began collaborations with other brands. We did a Supa Saint shirt and one for Lil Doogie. We also raised some funds for Instruments a Comin' and got political with our Iraq Needs A Contraflow and Make Wetlands, Not War shirts.


This was the year our store officially was way too small for us and we started looking for a new space. The fashion show was moved to One Eyed Jack's and we packed the house! We lost our friend Ashley Morris and created his FYYFF shirt to honor him. He is also the creator of our Y@ design. We promoted better Levees, Soul Sister or Barack for President and made fun of the Grey Ghost and David Vitter, Eddie Jordan and Bill Jefferson.


The year we began our meteoric rise to the Super Bowl and made it clear to everyone that we won, Ya Heard? A few very specific releases like Fang Banger for fans of the show True Blood and the best seller for fans (everyone) of WWOZ. The Hornets came to town and we made a shirt calling out Horn Net Fans. We changed our focus to Mayor for Soul Sister's next political campaign. Oh yeah and we gave a shout out to Kenner and Arabi.


A year of the highest highs (Super Bowl Victory) and the lowest lows (the BP oil spill). We launched our XLIV design the day after the win. We put out many designs to counter BP and its bumbling and lies about the scale of the oil spill. From the protection of the Gulf Walrus to the impact the spill was having on our beloved coast line. After the summer we hosted a fundraiser for a brass band member to get a kidney transplant, make this shirt and packed Tipitina's. We wrapped up the year with one of our favorites to this day, You Had Me at Say Brah.


This year we gave our tip of the hat to Loomis and his skills building a roster. We continued our neighborhood series with love letters to Mid-City and the West Bank. We worked with Steve Gleason and raised some funds for the coastline and our fragile oyster beds. We also wished everyone a happy birthday.


This year brought the bad news that the Saints were involved in "Bounty Gate" and we had fun with it. We protested the removal of Coach Payton and the Times-Picayune only delivering 4 days a week. We created my neighborhood designs for the Irish Channel and the Bywater. We also made note of the arrival of Anthony Davis and the Brow. The Jazz Fest cubes got a mention as well. We poked fun of the smell of Bourbon Street and the annual Hurrication we somtimes find us all taking.


This year was an odd mix of designs. We made our annual Krewe of Muses shirt and a fun one for the Louisiana State song. Some new Saints shirts, one for the season ticket holders and another for the fans all over the country. We made a shirt for the new Food Truck Coalition and one for French Quarter Fest. Love Letters for Nola was a nod to one of our favorite books and we tipped our hat to the Lower Garden District. Lastly, we made a shirt in protest of the rise in crime we were experiencing. Sobering.


This was the year we finally got the basketball bug and wanted to celebrate it. We also made two designs for players we have long since lost to trades, Galette and Graham. We pointed out that even though the city is melting in the summer, tourists just kept coming. Made a comment on the trial of Ray Nagin and the resurgence of Louisiana since the oil spill.


We opened a new store on Chartres (that we then moved to Royal) and launched our Marigny Triangle shirt. We worked with Where Yat magazine, The New Orleans public library, and Wordsmith, one of our favorite street artists. A shirt was designed after a tagline contest to raise funds to promote the coastline. We made fun of the Krewe of Chad and Bobby Jindal and of course the Atlanta Falcons.


A big election and a candidate we could all support no matter our political persuasion. Some new saints designs, one via a new dome anthem, another via the elements. And continued issues with streets and potholes inspired this design.


A massive flood in Texas led us to make some designs that can raise funds for those impacted by the storms. An election focused our energy on a campaign promise anyone can get behind. The old school commercial classic for Seafood City finally got the spotlight by a design. Another neighborhood gets the spotlight, Chilly Gentilly.


A new neighborhood to spotlight, Algiers Point. Our continued collaboration with the Krewe of Muses and one new one added we had hoped for over the years, with George Porter.


Lots of fun experiments we tried out. Responding to the Rams Missed Call, the Doobie Brothers replacing the Stones and our hopes that Zebra might make an appearance. 


LSU. Loyola. Tulane. UNO. Xavier. Dillard. Southern. Nunez. Delgado. Pride in our LA Schools

Eating NOLA Collection

From Bayou Brands collaboration with @EatingNOLA "I love my NOLA, now watch me eat it. I have made it my life's mission to find the best and my unique food New Orleans has to offer and share my experiences with you.vThe culture, the flavor and the people that are involved with the NOLA food scene area some of the best in the world." - Anthony

Giving Back

We have created shirts over the years that have given back half of all profits to local non-profits and community organizations. Here are a few of our favorites. Each of these shirts still donates 50%. A cool shirt that spreads a great message.

The State Shirts

In 2017 we launched our first pre-sale series and it was a doozy. 52 designs over 30 days. Every state and Washington DC and Puerto Rico. A shirt for every fan of New Orleans across the country.Here they are again. ENJOY.